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My interest in Feng Shui began in late 1989, starting with a senior student of Grand Master Lin Yun as my first teacher, giving workshops for 5 Years in the store, starting in 1990. My studies advance with Master Lin Yun himself, and continue today. In 1997, I moved my business to Sacramento's Historic ChinaTown (Yee Fow) quarters. Where I run my store and consulting business . Also special blessings, ceremonies, cures, and teaching workshops.

Feng Shui - Ancient Wisdom still relevant today

Feng Shui- literally wind water- is accepted worldwide as
an effective approach to achieving balance in life and work. Modern feng shui focuses on the physical arrangement of our surroundings. As developed by the Chinese more than 3,000 years ago, feng shui principles guided the strategy of war, commercial ventures and every other aspect in life.

According to ancient belief - chi (energy) - governs everything
in the universe. Everything undergoes cycles of change evolving through chi. Unimpeded chi flows smoothly, according to the natural rhythm of life. The ideal life is lived in harmony with nature, whatever nature throws in your path. Most of the problems we face can be traced back to blocked chi.

Feng shui offers corrections to eliminate blocked chi,
enhancements to improve its flow, and methods to cultivate free-moving chi in your surroundings. With simple actions, we facilitate the process of change and reduce our vulnerability to the chaos and conflict around us.

Through individual consultations and ceremonies for both homes
and workspaces, helps you to enrich your life and your relationships. Feng shui can work for you.



Key benefits of paying attention to the flow of energy around you and arranging your physical surroundings to enhance the movement of chi.

In your personal life:

  • Tap into greater energy.

  • Experience more vivid creativity.

  • Feel motivated and relax.

  • Attract well - deserved recognition and attention.

In your relationships:
  • Relieve conflict.

  • Cultivate trust and loyalty.

  • Adopt new, more effective communication styles.

  • Build positive alliances and collaborations.

In your business:

  • Increase your revenues and expand profits

  • Eliminate negative influences, reduce threats and strengthen vulnerabilities

  • Grow more focused and productive

  • Expand beyond the invisible boundaries that now impose artificial limitations on your success.

How to create your ideal living and work space:

By incorporating feng shui principles into your life and surrounding, you enhance the flow of chi. As a result, you enjoy greater happiness, better health, stronger relationships and richer rewards in every aspect of your life.

  • Start by determining your goal. Do you want to work on your home? Your workplace? Both?

  • Make a floor plan of your space you want to address.

  • Most consultations take place in person, at your home or business.

  • For those at a distance, consultations via phone or e-mail is also available.

  • A typical residential consultation takes 2 to 3 hours.

Consultations, Blessings, Enhancements and Cures available through:

Chinatown Enterprizes
423 J Street China Town Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 448-6465

Penny J. Redman
Feng Shui Consultant

Penny Redman has helped many people
find harmony, discover richer lives, gain greater insight and broader vision. Clients appreciate her direct, down
to earth manner, and the depth of her knowledge about Chinese culture. Penny first established China Town Enterprizes in the old Chinese Quarter of Marysville, California back in 1987. There she began studying feng shui with a student of GrandMaster Lin Yun, one of the world's leading Black Sect feng shui practitioners.For more than a decade now, Penny has continued her studies with master Lin Yun himself. In 1997, Penny relocated her shop to it's present site in Sacramento's historic China Town district, Yee Fow, and expanded her feng shui consulting practice.Penny brings a rich background of awareness ,intuition and expertise to her feng shui practice. Many clients experience results beyond their expectations, so her reputation continues to grow.



The results from Penny's consult were like a miracle. The negative energy in my life stared shifting within 24 has. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

L.T - Sacramento/San Diego

We treasure your counsel in getting our home up and running. Even more, your friendship and advice, which I realize comes from a good heart. any good chi that this house holds will all come from you. Thank you.
A satisfied client,


Penny Redman has been a great source of inspiration for me. I have developed keen
interest in Feng Shui and all this has improved my life, and that of my family. Penny has been the source for this life change. It has been extremely beneficial for all of us. I look forward to more!
Program Administrator
Sacramento, California

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